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Plants vs Zombies 2 PC VERSION

Plant Vs Zombies 2 PC
Plants Vs Zombies 2 - Who does not know about Plants VS Zombies, game house which is very popular with all Unique feature. Plants vs Zombies 2 is a tower defense game genre same as the previous version.
Players have to put up all kinds of plants to fight horde of zombies in order not to get into the player home.

After a long wait, finally Plants vs Zombies 2 release in this year, 2013. But only release for Iphone / iOS for while, and Android version will be release soon too, very sad indeed for PC gamers. Plants vs. Zombies free to play but players have to buy to get the full package.

Place plant, maintain garden of zombie attack would be very nice, need a good strategy and a tactic to make the game finished, with a bunch of zombies attacking to your garden, will you survive or die by a zombie? depend on your self.

Featured in Plants vs. Zombies 2 is almost the same as the previous version, with a new map and a new plant that will make the game more challenging and exciting to play, of course with new horde of Zombies.

Please wait for PC version release, because perhaps still a little long for the PC version. .

Please download and play Plants Vs Zombie 2 for the iOS devices, and perhaps for that Android has also of course with Spec qualified and latest Android version.

Well, let's wait for the release date for the PC platform, hopefully Plants Vs Zombie 2 is also released on the PC.

Happy gaming all ..

Here some of Screenshoot :
Plant Vs Zombies 2 gameplay

Plant Vs Zombies 2 features

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